Water ATM stands for Automated Water Vending Machine that works like other ATM machines, but the difference is that it dispenses water instead of cash. Nowadays, these are installed in every rural and urban area to provide clean water for the public that keeps them healthy. If you want to enquire about the device, contact Suzuion Technologies Pvt Ltd – one of the most reliable Water ATM Manufacturers in Hyderabad.

Major Benefits Of Installing Automated Water Vending Machine:

  • To provide clean and safe drinking water
  • Reduce the water born diseases
  • Minimize the use of plastic bottled water, which could be hazardous
  • Quite cheap and give access to clean water to everyone
  • Best and easy way to get safe water

Get It From Us!

Being one of the most resourceful Water ATM Machine Suppliers and Exporters from India, we have different types of Mineral Water ATM to offer in diverse specifications, at the competitive market price. Our manufacturing team will stay updated with the latest tools and technologies and implement them all in the process, to offer best design and quality to the customer. Send enquiry directly from the website or call on the number available on your screen.


  • User-friendly design
  • Easy installation
  • Low maintenance need
  • Front LED Display
  • Power back up facility
  • Different setting options


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