Water Ionizer

Model No : IONPIA - 2300
Number Of Plates : 3
Manufactured By : IONPIA CO LTD
Made In : Korea

MRP :  95,000/- + GST

PV = 4500
Shipping Charges : Free

Features Of Ion Water System (I)

  1. Create interior effect through elegant design and company product size and provides installation ease, implement design preferred by all ages
  2. Maximize convenience by applying voice information and melody, apply 4 sound level settings (no sound, low, med, high)
  3. Enhance convenience by applying automatic valve (solenoid valve) and apply stable pH concentration maintenance system
  4. Apply automatic timer stop (Automatic stop after 10 minutes : Water overflow prevention function)
  5. Convenient operation through application of one-touch ON/OFF function
  6. Water quantity (water detection) sensor to set optimal filter quantity and apply Filter quantity display system
  7. Maximum electrolyzer durability by applying automatic water flow conversion system (Auto Cleaning System)
State-Of-The-Art Technology-Intensive Electrolyzer


Prevent scaling precipitation phenomenon within electrolyzer electrode to create optimal electrolyte regenerated water (alkali water) and enhance durability of electrolyzer

Features Of Ion Water System (II)

  1. Before and after use operating cleaning system, scaling precipitation phenomenon is prevented by automatic electrode water flow conversion system to increase durability
  2. apply alkali water automatic restoration system to prevent drinking of acid water
  3. Product usage status memory device is built in to accurately check product management and supply usage status
  4. enhance convenience by filter exchange timing alarm function and voice information Application of water quality selection function
  5. By applying 4 levels of alkali, 1 level of filter, and 2 levels of acidic water, the system creates various ion water
  6. Direct filter system without water storage tank with no concern of stagnant water and always supplies fresh, clean water
  7. Multi-language select function applied (Korean, Chinese, English, German, Spanish, Russian)

High-Performance 10-Stage Multi-Filter Function By Stage (II)

① High-Density FELT Film

- Filter film with good filtration against rust, sediment, and debris
- High-functionality filter selected by filter device requiring micro precision

② Carbon Block Filter

Removes micro pollutants such as rust, dirt, sand, and dust in water and absorbs/removes organic chemical materials such as chloric acid ingredient, trihalomethane, phenol, etc.
Uses high-performance powder carbon (PAC Carbon) to maximize filter capability

③ Carbon Particle

Removes micro pollutants such as rust, dirt, sand, and dust in water and absorbs/removes organic chemical materials such as chloric acid ingredient, trihalomethane, phenol, etc.

④ Sediment Filter

Removes rust, sediment, floating matter (particle greater than 3㎛)

⑤ Non-Woven Filter

Remove rust, sediment, debris, floating matter

⑥ Anti-Bacterial Ceramic

Sterilization of harmful E. coli and general bacteria, removes /absorbs impurity and harmful heavy metal (Zeolite : porous material)

⑦ Super Ceramic

High far infrared ray emission (catalyzes metabolism), Water taste increased by vibration effect of semiconductor material Quartz

⑧ Anion Ceramic

Adds refreshing water taste through mass discharge of anions (>800cc).

⑨ Calcium(Chlorine Removal)

Removal of residual chlorine and supplies mineral (calcium)

⑩ High-Density Felt Film

Removes rust, sediment, debris, floating matter

Model No IONPIA-2300
Product Name Water Ionizer
Plates 3
Product Approval USFDA
Usage Voltage AC 220V, 50Hz
Power Consumption 130VA
Product Size 385(H)*284(W)*134(D)
Product Weight 6Kg
Packaging Unit 1EA
Manufactured By IONPIA CO LTD
Use Method, Store Method, and Precautions when Using Refer to Instruction Manual
Company Name Suzuion Technologies Pvt Ltd.
CIN U31904TG2018PTC122354
Rated Input  
Rated Out put  
Mnf.Sr.No JAB1802B0001
Manufacturing Date 06.02.2018
Suzuion sr.No. SUZU3P000001
Made In Korea
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100% satisfaction guarantee
quality approved
FDA approved
CE approved
A+ customer service