Best Alkaline Water Ionizer | Best Ionizer - Better Than Kangen | Suzuion Water Ionizer Vs Kangen Ionizer

Superoxide To Get Superoxide water ,no external ingredents ,chemicals used . It Gives with natural process. Chemicals,electrosys enhancer are used for superoxide water in Kangen
Disply 7 Colors LCD display Poor LCD display
Warranty 5 Years warranty for Unit and Life time warranty for Plates 5 Years Warranty
Cleaning DARC Facility - Dual Auto Rervrse Cleaning Facility once every 15 liters (have to wait while cleaning
Voltage Usage 110 W 230 W
Filter Removes Chloramine and Chlorine Yes No
Stops Scaling on Plates Yes No
Water Flow Control Onboard Yes No
Price of Filter    
ORP - 300 to - 1200 Up to - 612
Return Policy 30 Days Money Back Guarantee No Money back gurantee
Voice Function Yes No
Constant Electrolysis Yes No
pH Levels 2.5 pH to 11.5pH 4.5 pH to 10.3 pH
Plate Technology Solid/Mesh Hybrid Solid
Removes Fluoride Yes No
Removes Chlorine & Chloramines Yes No
Flow Control Yes No
Online Registration Yes No
Annual Deep Cleanings Required No 2 times
After Sales Service Door step Need to send machine to Bangalore Office
Business Model E- Commerce , Traditional and MLM Only MLM
100% satisfaction guarantee
quality approved
FDA approved
CE approved
A+ customer service