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Measure range: 0.00-14.00pH
*Resolution: 0.01pH
*Accuracy: +/-0.01pH
*Power supply: 2*1.5V(LR44 Button cell)
*Operating temperature: 0℃~60℃
*Calibration: two points automatic calibration
*Dimension: 155mm*31mm*18mm
*Weight 50g/(1.70z)


  • Remove the protectice cap and protective film on the screen.
  • First rinse the electrode with distilled water,and suck it with filter paper.
  • Turn the meter on by pressing the “ON/OFF”key
  • Immerse the pH meter electrode in the solution to be tested(can not be over the immersion line).
  • Stir gently and wait around 30 seconds till the reading stabilized.
  • After finished,clear the electrode with pure water,turn the meter off by pressing the “ON/OFF”key.
  • Always replace the protective cap after use.

Usage Method

Take off cap and press "ON/OFF"button Get reading Replace the cap after cleaning the electrode

Product Presentation


  • Turn on pH meter
  • Disolve each buffer solution in 250ml of distilled water
  • Immerse the electrode into the pH 6.86 solution.(under the temperature of 25)
  • Press the “CAL”(calibration) button for 5 seconds and release
    -Display will start flashing 6.86
    -Wait untill the display stops flashing
    Rinse the electrode with distilled water and dry it with filter paper.
  • Immerse the electrode in pH 4.00 solution,
    -Press the “CAL”button for 5 seconds ,then press and release immediately second time
    -Reading will start flashing
    -Wait untill the display stops flashing
    Rinse and dry the electrode with distilled water as before.
  • Place the meter back to the buffer solution to test calibration.If incorrect,please repect the calibration
  • If approximate pH of your test solution is known to be above 7.0,calibrate the meter using 6.86 and
    9.18 solution.To do this ,please follow the calibration chart.The third step is calibration method for 9.18 point.

(If you require support or have any questions,please contact us.)

Calibration Chart


Recalibration is required in the following conditions:
-Lengthy periods of inactivity
-Very frequent use
-The testing accuracy requirement is very high.
-The “CAL”(calibration ) button was pushed and electrode to air for extended period of time


Always replace protective cap after using digital meter to keep electrode from drying out due to proloned exposure to air ,which leads to slow or unstable readings. If electrode has been dried out immerse it into distilled water for a few hours.


When the display value is fuzzy or unshown , The battery should be replaced promptly.Pay attention to the polarity of battery.


The instrument si warranted to the purchaser for a year from the date of purchase. If during these periods,repair or replacement of the instrument is required, please return the instrument to either your dealer or to our office.The repair will be effected free of charge.(damage is not due to negligence or erroneous operation by the user) Note:Please provide purch se invioce or proof before returning your instruments back.



  • If you calibration the meter in the air or in wrong calibration solution, there will flash “ERR”on the screen.The meter will return to last step operation.If necessary,recalibrate the meter.
  • If you have done all steps as the manual, the miter still does not work,please contact us asap.
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