Industrial Water Ionizer

Industrial Water Ionizer or Water Ionizer Machine is the advanced solution designed for keeping the water clean that make it safe to use. The machine will help to maintain the PH balance, thus, investing in it would offer major benefits. Suzuion Technologies Pvt Ltd, being one of the preeminent Industrial Water Ionizer Manufacturers In Hyderabad, is the first company to introduce Industrial Water Ionizer in India. We offer 250 LPH to 1000 LPH Water Ionizers and customize their design, as per the specifications demanded by our clients. These are ideal for 20 litres of bottle filling.

How Does The Machine Work?

Basically, Industrial Water Ionizer Machine kills the bacteria and ionizes the water. The overall process of cleaning and ionizing take place in its chamber, where all the alkaline minerals will get attracted and attached to the negative electrode and, the acidic ions will move to the positive electrode. After completing the overall process, it’ll produce water, which is safe to use. Though, it is advisable not to store water more than 48 hours.

What Are The Special Features Of Industrial Water Ionizers?

  • Larger in size
  • Cost-effective
  • Complete the process faster
  • Ensure safety of the process
  • Have better water cleaning capacity
  • Dispense clean and purified water after completing the process

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