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Technical Indicators:

*Measuring range: -1999~1999mV
*Resolving power: 1mV
*Precision range: ±5mV
*Working voltage: 4*1.5v(AG-13Model battery)
*Working condition: 0~50℃ PH<95%
*Calibration method: One point correction
*Volume: 168*33*20mm
*Weight: 70g


  • Take down the protective cap
  • Clean the electrode with water (This is a normal phenomenon of ORP electrode,When the electrode cover around the white crystalline salt. As long as the electrode is immersed in the water, the white crystalline salt will disappear.)
  • Press the "on/off" switch on the top of the panel to turn on the power
  • Insert the ORP into the tested liquid until the liquid is soaked to a slightly lower than the immersion line. If the condition is allowed, the tested liquid can be soaked to a slightly higher position than the immersion line.
  • Stir gently, when the display value is stable, read the display value
  • Press the "HOLD" button to lock the value of the current measurement. If you need to measure again, then press the “hold” key, unlock the value.
  • After use, press "on/ off" switch , turn off the power, clean the electrode with water and cover the protective cap.
  • The instrument closes the LCD backlight automatically after used in the 4 minutes later . If you want to use it, open the LCD again.

Usage Method

1)Take off cap and press "ON/OFF"button 2) Get reading 3) Replace the cap after cleaning the electrode

Product Presentation

ORP Calibrate:

  • The ORP sensor is placed in a saturated potassium chloride reagent for several hours to activation radioactivation
  • Clean the electrode with water and put ORP meter in the 256mV standard reagent (the ph4.01 standard punching solution containing the waking hydroquinone reagent) and gently shake it.
  • Adjust the potentiometer with screwdriver until the liquid crystal display value is 256mV

Battery Installment:

When the # character appears on the screen, said the battery voltage is low, the battery should be replaced. When replacing the batteries, take rubber plug out of the correction hole ,pry out the card of the inverted hook on the back of the instrument by hand, push up the Hanging buckle to take off the battery bin, Pay attention to the polarity of the battery.

After the battery is replaced, then load the battery bin. When there is a voice, it shows that the hook on the hook is stuck. Last plug rubber plug of the correction hole .

Maintenance Of ORP Electrode:

When the ORP electrode is used for a long time, the surface pollution of platinum leads to the uncertainty of measurement and the reaction slowly and the following method can be used for cleaning and activation:
(a) for inorganic pollutants, the electrode can be immersed in 0.1mol/L diluted hydrochloric acid for 30 minutes, rinsed in pure water and then used in saturated potassium chloride solution for 6 hours.
(b) detergent can be used to clean the organic oil and oil film of he platinum surface. And then clean it in pure water. It is then used in saturated potassium chloride reagent for 6 hours.
(c) the oxide film formed seriously on the surface of platinum can be polished with toothpaste on the surface of the platinum, then cleaned with pure water ,.It is immersed in saturated potassium chloride reagent for 6 hours.
The instrument electrode should be soaked in a saturated potassium chloride reagent for several hours (20 days or so) to ensure the accuracy of the measurement.

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